'Going Underground' is a new tradition based on the success of Storling Dance Theater's production UNDERGROUND, not only as an artistic work, but as a movement to bring good people together to do good things.  Underground is based on the history of the Underground Railroad, a time when people from very different backgrounds, came together around the Judeo-Christian idea that all men are created in the image of God and are equal.  It overcame slavery and it can overcome the struggles of our day.  Going Underground is the tradition of: 

Share a meal

Share our stories

Share great art - attend Storling Dance Theater's UNDERGROUND 

Change the world 

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Storling Dance Theater was established in 1996 by Mona Storling-Enna and, her husband, Jeremiah Enna.  They created Storling Dance Theater & The Culture House (a community arts organization and Academy)  out of their idea of how the arts are a blessing and can serve to make our communities better environments, filled with beauty, truth and goodness.  Storling Dance Theater began producing major works by the year 2000 and immediately began to build enthusiastic audiences and receive rave reviews top critics.  "Storling-Enna's choreographic invention seemed to have no limits".  K.C. Star.   e

In 2004, Mona & Jeremiah went to company member (whom they had also worked for), Tobin James, and discussed working on a project together.  The Ennas had observed the growing strife in discussion of race in America and wanted to do something about it.  In the story of the Underground Railroad, they found an historic moment when good people came together to overcome the evil of their day.  What can we learn from that story to apply to our current struggles?  Tobin jumped on board, and together with composer, Jay Pfeifer and Executive Producer, Kip Blue, Underground was born.  

It took four years to fully compose, choreograph and create all the sets, costumes and props.  In 2008, Underground premiered at the Kansas City Lyric Theater.  One again it was received by passionate audience members and rave reviews.  "It is without doubt one of the most vivid, heartfelt and theatrically astute pieces of dance theater ever to grace a Kansas City stage".                      - Paul Horsley

Underground has a cast of over 50 members each year and is entering it's 10th Anniversary of annual performances.  Some of those cast members have been in it the entire time, some are new every year.  Additional events have been added surrounding the performances including Children's Literature events, the Inspire Freedom Art Exhibition in the Crossroads District, Pastors & Leaders Luncheon,  Sold-out School Day Shows and the Underground Gala with Guest Speakers that have included LeVar Burton.  Most importantly, Underground has built new and lifelong relationships in people's personal lives and in business and partnership ventures. Underground is a tradition.  Every year, we gather to celebrate old friends, meet new ones and hear the story that reminds us of how to live.  

Underground started in Kansas City, but is now branching out across the country.  In 2017, we'll tour to the St. Louis/Ferguson community, sharing a message of hope and a pathway out of the pain and confusion that exploded in the area in 2014.  We hope to build an annual tradition in St. Louis, eventually building a local cast, building relationships and finding solutions.  

Leaders in Detroit and Memphis are now interested.  What about your city?  

Is it time to Go Underground? 



For more information on Storling Dance Theater, its artistic leaders, company members and history, go to www.storlingdance.org .  For The Culture House go to www.culturehouse.com