GO DEEP is where the inspiration and enjoyment are at its best.  We have created a 4-session experience where you can gather your Go Underground friends together prior to attending the the show in order to understand the true nature of the Underground Railroad movement and how it applies directly to our current cultural issues.  As one Go Deep participant said, "The history is so inspiring and this was a way we could honor those heroes from the past.  More importantly I was made aware of the challenges that my black friends were facing every day.  All of sudden it became very personal.  It was exciting to discuss these things and start to find creative ways to work together to address them.  Like I said, it became very personal.  It was a relief to talk about these things outside of the media drama and manipulation.  I want to address the issues because I care, not because I'm intimidated by the press."  

diverse kids gu small.jpg

Elementary experience 

For those who want to create their own experience for children this is for you.  All you need is one adult facilitator and you are ready to roll (But, we'd invite more because it's more fun and you have someone to share the cookies with...) 

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youth/teen experience

These issues become very real as kids grow up today and we have created an experience that aims to educate and inspire our youth of today to continue the Underground Railroad into the future. 

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adult experience 

Sometimes good people just need an excuse to gather together, listen and think creatively as to how to apply their gifts, talents and networks to solve a challenge.  It's our turn to take the Underground Railroad to the next level and complete the journey.