The Brumblin' Song  |  by Mama Jones 

The Brumblin' Song  |  Author: Mama Jones 

The Brumblin' Song  |  Author: Mama Jones 


"The sun gets hottest over cotton fields, rivers and battlefields... This is the story of three children—Delphi, John & Gracie—all under the same August sun. They lived at a sad time in our country called “The American Civil War,” when states in the north and states in the south fought over the way people should be treated."


The Brumblin' Song is a story book to color that challenges the imagination of young readers by giving them space to draw and color the people and places they envision as they read the story. 


A slave, a daughter of the south, and a drummer boy.

Can they stop the war with just one motion? 



   Mrs. Judith A.Jones  is founder and artistic director of Kansas Academy ofTheatrical Arts (KATA). “Mama Jones,” as the kids call her, is committed to using the arts and the youth in our communities as change agents to ensure safety, security, and positive personal growth.

      Mrs. Jones is a former Marine. She has a B.A. in English & Theatre from City College of New York, an AA in Music Performance fromKansas City Kansas Community College and a B.A. in Theatre Education from University of Missouri Kansas City.  She has held a teaching license in Kansas and continues to hold a Missouri license.  Mama Jones lives with her husband in Kansas City, Kansas.